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Screaming Teapot Media is a locally owned and operated company that can help you improve your website and bolster your SEO so clients are more likely to find you online.

The Genesis Project of Greeley Colorado is a non-profit organization taking aim at helping single mothers with no place to go. They help with food, shelter, education, and anything else a single Mom needs to help her thrive.

The Community Grief Center of Greeley is the foundation no one in the city knew it needed until it arrived. Everyone experiences grief in their life and this organization helps you through it through group or individual therapy no mater how old you are or what your circumstances may be.

Chris Helwick is an accomplished decathlete looking to ad the final chapter to his story as he looks to fulfill his Olympic aspirations at the 2020 games in Tokyo, but he needs your help to earn his spot with Team U.S.A..

Athletic scholarships can save you thousands of dollars in tuition. It doesn’t matter if it’s D1, D2, or an NAIA school, a free education is a huge opportunity its for anyone, and I can help make that happen.

Locally owned and operated, A1 Heating and Cooling offers expert service and know-how to their clients in Northern Colorado, but they don’t stop there. Giving back to the community is a top priority for them as you’ll see in the video.

The Triangle Cross Ranch is a caring organization which provides adults with disabilities the opportunity to live a more fruitful life in a safe environment as a ranch hand.

Wow 1 Day Painting gives back! The Greeley Grief Center is the recipient of some much needed help as Sami and Honorio donate their services to an invaluable organization.

Legacy videos are a terrific way for future generations to connect with the past. Whether you’re writing a song for your grandson or sharing your story from beginning to end, future generations will thank you.

Promoting new products and events is a great way to get your business the exposure it needs. Greeley Subaru did just that as they rolled out the new Ascent and Forrester!

Graduation videos are heart felt, sincere ways to show the graduate in your life how important they really are. So if you’re looking for a unique and meaningful gift your graduate will always cherish, I can help.

Do you want to become a local YouTube sensation? Weekly videos are an easy way to get there. The NoCo Home show has over 100,000 views in its first year with a goal of growing to 1,000,000 by the end of year two.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a little extra cash in your pocket, more opportunities to get together with your friends, or if you’re someone who is driven by accomplishments, Mary Kay is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.